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WisDot Satisfaction Survey

Are You One of the Happy Ones?

Wisconsin residents seem to have a high level of satisfaction with the job being done by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), according to a statewide customer satisfaction survey.

Surveys were completed by 1,860 individuals from around the state. The results show 70 percent of respondents satisfied or very satisfied with the department and only five percent dissatisfied. Even higher levels of satisfaction were reported for WisDOT’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at 75 percent and Division of State Patrol (DSP) at 72 percent satisfied or very satisfied. The overall performance rating of 70 percent is significantly higher than the 55 percent average for other departments of transportation in the north central United States.

Overall Customer Satisfaction by Percent of Respondents
  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
WisDOT 12% 58% 25% 4% 1%
DMV 22% 53% 18% 5% 2%
DSP 20% 52% 24% 3% 1%

Respondents also voiced strong support for making infrastructure investments in the state’s multi-modal transportation system, with 45 percent of those responding indicating the level of funding for transportation should increase over the next five years. In addition:

  • 95 percent believe repairing and maintaining existing highways is important
  • 86 percent want added turning/passing lanes
  • 82 percent believe reducing traffic congestion is important
  • 78 percent want the state to make it easier to move freight
  • 77 percent believe it’s important to expand transit for seniors and/or disabled individuals
  • 75 percent think the state should add lanes to increase capacity

Customers identified some opportunities for improvement. Customer priorities include increasing the use of the state’s 511 traveler information system, improving DMV phone and customer service centers, enforcing traffic laws and helping to prevent traffic crashes, keeping highways smooth and free of potholes, removing snow and ice from highways and ensuring striping on highways is visible at night and during wet weather.

The survey was conducted as part of the department’s MAPSS Performance Improvement Program. More information on MAPSS is on the web. The complete customer satisfaction survey and research report is available on the web.

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