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Why should Young Professionals attend Cultivate?

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When young professionals attend Cultivate they develop leadership skills, gain knowledge on trends in the field and they will build a network all while bringing added value back to their place of work.

Cultivate: Business Growth Series was designed to give business leaders and entrepreneurs tactical, practical tips they can implement in their businesses immediately. Each event lasts a half-day, allowing busy professionals to use their time wisely and effectively. The event will kick off with one nationally-recognized keynote speaker followed by targeted breakout sessions directed by local and regional experts.

Each event will have a variety of breakout sessions highlighting new and widespread business topics. The topics will follow four main tracks; Strategic Planning, Finance & Technology, Sales & Marketing and Performance Management. The event is designed to address pain points of three target audiences; business owners/top executives, middle management and operations.

Business is changing and evolving every day, therefore Cultivate will be held more than once per year to help business professionals navigate a variety of concerns. The goal behind Cultivate is to inspire and facilitate local business growth in the greater Fox Valley region

Key Note Speaker:  Tim Sanders – Relationship Power! How To Win Business & Influence People

Check out the Break Out Speakers:

Breakout Session 1:  9:00 am – 9:50 am

10 Ways to protect your intellectual property:  Presented by Kevin Eismann

Messaging versus marketing: Creating content that truly connects:  Presented by R.J. Foster

Employment Law – How to Address (and avoid!) Discrimination Lawsuits:  Presented by Rose Simon

Boosting efficiencies with digital webtools:  Presented by Brandon Wentland

Attract a younger workforce with virtual employees:  Amanda Betts

Change management strategy:  Presented by Tina Schuelke

Breakout Session 2:  10:00 am – 10:50 am

Intrepreneurship:  Cultivate an environment of entrepreneurs within your company:  Presented by Colleen Merrill

Entrepreneurship as a career path:  Presented by Joel Abraham

7 Steps to inbound marketing success:  Presented by Greg Linnemanstons

The incredible targeting power of social media:  Presented by Brad Cebulski

Staying connected to mobile employees:  Presented by Dave Willeford

Game theory: Presented by Adam Galambos

Breakout Session 3:  11:00 am – 11:50 am

Competitive Facebook Analysis using Edgerank:  Presented by Chad Wittmann

Business model canvas:  launching your minimum viable product:  Presented by Amy Pietsch

Business of direct sales:  what your business can learn from this industry:  Presented by Jenny Taylor

5 Necessary elements of “brain based” customer service:  Presented by Don Anderson

How mobile apps are changing local small business as we text: Presented by Phil Golding

Cost containment: How to reduce common operating expenses:  Brett Collier


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