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October is Manufacturing Month in Wisconsin!

One of the foundations of the Wisconsin and Fox Cities economy is manufacturing. From machining parts to assembling planes, we make all kinds of cool stuff here! The Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) has planned lots of great events to celebrate Manufacturing Month. Check out more information here: http://www.wmep.org/node/2645 Happy Manufacturing Month!

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Connect A Career Highlights the Power of Partnership

This collaborative effort is taking off!  Last week at the Fox Cities Chamber’s BizBlend, a breakfast for news and networking gathering, a group of dedicated and excited professionals helped put in perspective the importance of this web based resource that’s brought to light the need for communication and collaboration between business and educators. Jeff Lang, […]

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Trends in Technology

In the introductory article to this subject, entitled Trends in Technology: Rosetta Stone Required, I echoed some of Seth Mattison’s Cultivate keynote message regarding the need to understand individuals belonging to the generations we’re hiring and want to retain.  Although Seth’s keynote, entitled “Rocking the Workplace: Managing and Leading the Four Generations“, was about affinity-building, a similar […]

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The mobile world: What it means to your marketing

Get ready… Get set…  Go!  Congratulations, you are a new small business owner- complete with storefront property on the main drag, signage, a cool new website, and YouTube channel. You have a FaceBook business page as well as a budding twitter account. Now you can sit back knowing you have all your bases covered, right? […]

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How does the use of the iPad make you more money? The changing technology landscape

The traditional definition of mobile marketing is any marketing technique that moves or is mobile, such as moving billboards, like on a truck. Now mobile marketing are channels that are mobile along side with us such as our smartphones and tablets. Why the fundamental shift? Because we are mobile beings that rather engage with items […]

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