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Why should Young Professionals attend Cultivate?

When young professionals attend Cultivate they develop leadership skills, gain knowledge on trends in the field and they will build a network all while bringing added value back to their place of work. Cultivate: Business Growth Series was designed to give business leaders and entrepreneurs tactical, practical tips they can implement in their businesses immediately. […]

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Trends in Technology

In the introductory article to this subject, entitled Trends in Technology: Rosetta Stone Required, I echoed some of Seth Mattison’s Cultivate keynote message regarding the need to understand individuals belonging to the generations we’re hiring and want to retain.  Although Seth’s keynote, entitled “Rocking the Workplace: Managing and Leading the Four Generations“, was about affinity-building, a similar […]

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The lean startup: How to thrive in a changing economy with agile thinking, processes and products

Lean Startup thinking is about removing waste and increasing returns.  Peter Drucker well said, “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” Productivity is not measured on making/shipping/selling product X.  It’s about cost-effectively meeting customer needs, increasing customer buying behavior, and creating a sustainable business. Lean Startup […]

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The mobile world: What it means to your marketing

Get ready… Get set…  Go!  Congratulations, you are a new small business owner- complete with storefront property on the main drag, signage, a cool new website, and YouTube channel. You have a FaceBook business page as well as a budding twitter account. Now you can sit back knowing you have all your bases covered, right? […]

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How to improve your leadership qualities

Leaders must lead.  Whether formally or informally leaders are everywhere in the organization, in everyday life.  Understanding how to improve leadership skills, gain leadership skills, is critical. Leadership is not conducted from the side lines.   It is a full participation activity that can produce incredible good, and as history has shown us, incredible evil.  Without […]

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