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Leadership Fox Cities Youth, Changing Lives Excerpts from a Success Story

Below is the story on a young man’s journey through the Leadership Fox Cities Youth Program which was also featured in The Business News.

Leadership Fox Cities Essay
Written by:  Amadeus Frazier, LFC Youth Graduate

Every leader was once a follower. It’s who they follow which determines whether or not they will be a successful leader. As an Appleton East alumnus, I am more than satisfied with the results of Leadership Fox Cities and I consider myself lucky to participate in the pilot year of what has the potential to become one of the most beneficial programs offered for teens and the community of Appleton. Following and receiving the advice given by Leadership Fox Cities extended my knowledge on what it means to be a role model, and conceptualized the importance of obtaining and implementing these skills on a day to day basis. On the very first day of Leadership Fox Cities Youth I was introduced to the quote “You don’t know what you don’t know.” What I did not know, was that Leadership Fox Cities would be a complimentary foundation of an inadequate being.

My name is Amadeus; a much more sophisticated Amadeus that first entered the arms of Leadership Fox Cities on September 26th 2012. Prior to my time with Leadership Fox Cities, I had a very parochial view of what being a leader entailed, and the beneficiaries surrounding it. I was also unaware of the challenges that were ahead. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and so aren’t the leaders of our communities. Leadership Fox Cities Youth develops the Leadership skills of teens through educational classes, participation in community projects, and hands on experiences that will enhance their ability to perform efficiently in various situations.

• It takes a community to raise a child and Leadership exemplifies this statement be accommodating teens with a vast range of learning environments. Each month these young leaders will have the opportunity to learn in different locations right here in Appleton such as Lawrence University, the YMCA, Fox Valley Tech and more.

• Leadership Fox Cities also teaches kids how to swim; not in a pool setting but in the ocean where the situation and the task at hand is rigorous and real. Kids are exposed to eye opening experiences that challenges them and avert them out of their comfortably zone; out of the pool area. For instance, these students visit the homeless shelter and through interacting they learn firsthand the importance of being a leader and a person of good service is.

• The ultimate way to receive is to give. These students learn the value and achievement of cordial success by reaching out to the people in our very own community. Life moves fast so we tend to miss out on things and focus on ourselves, but these young leaders are taught the word “humility” as one of the word of the days because leaders go last; its about everyone else. These teens participate in different community projects all with the intention of good service and benefiting our community.

Leadership Fox Cities equipped me with the tools needed to build the leader that was in me. It taught me to show compassion and respect to others not because who they are, but because who I am. It taught me that I am inadequate. In fact, we are all inadequate, because we are all powerful beyond measure.

A Better Chance Program,

The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce is proud to sponsor a portion of Amadeus’ student exchange trip to Osaka, Japan.

“On August 25th I will be setting out to a new adventure to Osaka, Japan. I will be the first A Better Chance student to be a Rotary youth exchange student and the first person in my hometown to see life outside the project fences; see life in a new beautiful protective. But I have no concerns. I’m not scared of the language barriers, trying new foods, or adapting to a completely new culture because I’m not scared to fall flat on my face and drown in the experience that awaits me.”

-Amadeus Frazier

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