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Final 8: America’s Pitch Tank

This is an incredible sampling of unique and interesting idea generators in Wisconsin!  Contestants from across the state submitted entries for America’s Pitch Tank, and after our qualifying panel went through and judged the 35 entries, here are the 8 that will pitch their idea to original Shark Tank investor, Kevin Harrington, and our panel of judges. (Finalists are not listed in any particular order, although voting has closed the page you are directed to has more information on the contestant.)  Join us at the live event on May 14 at the Performing Arts Center to see who wins the top prize of $2,500!

Rosegirls Wax Melts

Rosegirls Wax Melts are wax melts customized by you. Choose from over 200 different scents to create your own unique blend. We specialize in helping our customers create scented wax melts with numerous choices for scents and combinations, rather than the boring, stale single scented candle/wax options are that available on the market currently.

Remix Concrete Products

Remix Concrete utilizes waste porcelain for specialized concrete mixes. Remix concrete offers up to 70% post-consumer products, lightweight concrete, heat/fire resistance, cold resistance, LEED certified concrete. Remix can be utilized as ANY concrete product. It can be used on a highway, decorative concrete, building block, roof tile, stucco, and many other uses. The porcelain creates a barrier in the concrete to stop the filtration of heat and or cold temperatures. Utility Patent pending.

Putzer Cliff Innovations

When this product was invented its sole purpose was to eliminate the danger of having one’s safety/eyeglasses/goggles fog up. After much research and numerous conversations with DIYers and construction professionals it was found that the mis-use or non-use of the dust mask was occurring. It soon became clear that people were not wearing the dust mask because it was ultimately hindering their vision or was too cumbersome to wear while working. There was also the notion that it was a hassle to wear a dust mask for just a few minutes. The Zwilter Filter is a non-cumbersome ready when you need it, easy in easy out product. The user can make the easy choice where, when and how to use the dust filter.

Bill-Ray Home Mobility, LLC

Selling independence to seniors! Few people have the interest or finances to leave their comfortable homes and require help to remain there. Mobility issues can be the worst in the bed area as getting in/out of bed can be dangerous for both the person and caregiver. “Friendly Beds” is designed as a heavy duty innovative bed mobility system allowing people to “help themselves” for improved safety, independence, self-esteem, and strength conditioning.


DevLo is a company that means “Device Location.” The objective of DevLo is to connect people to their most valuable items through their location. The product is a card composed of a GPS receiver, micro-controller, SIM card holder (and SIM card), and a battery. A command from a phone initiates the GPS receiver and obtains the device’s location, then the information is sent from the device’s SIM card back to the users phone number. DevLo is the first device to truly find anything, anywhere.


About 17 million students enrolled in universities today go out on a regular basis, and what if you could get the most out of your night, every night, using data that is already out there? What if by simply opening your phone you could tell which bars, clubs, or parties had the most people there, or the best drink specials, or the most singles? What if you could see pictures of the inside before you even get there? Well we’re Sizzle, and we turn what if’s into what the hell happened last night.

Princeton Audio, LLC

Introducing – The Site:1 the worlds first portable, constructed like a musical instrument and engineered to never technologically obsolete.  Princeton Audio, LLC uses the time-tested techniques of woodworking artisans and master builders of musical instruments in the making of speakers and headphones.

Ultimate Natural Goose Decoy

This product brings new, realistic movement to decoys. It has fully articulated motion across the entire bird, which mimics a live bird more realistically. The head is able to move up, down, left, and right. The mouth opens and closes and the neck of the bird has full motion, from fully erect to feeding position while moving left and right The decoy is also capable of rearing up, keeping the neck in true position and opening and flapping the wings whether the body is up or down. These realistic movements will bring in much higher volume of birds.

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