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“Connect A Career” Provides Platform For Youth Apprenticeships

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A to Z Machine recently held its 2nd Annual Youth Apprentice Parents Night which provided an opportunity for parents to better understand of the complexities of the CNC machining skilled trades as well as earnings and career options.

Andy Preissner, HR & Safety Manager at A to Z Machine stated that “We have been partnering with various high schools throughout the area to increase visibility and exposure of the opportunities within skilled trades (CNC Machining, welding, etc.) We think Youth Apprenticeship is valuable because it provides direct experience and exposure for students who are interested in the CNC Machine trade. This is a great opportunity for students to spend a year or more of school learning and experiencing the trade, and figure out if it is right for them, while we (A to Z Machine Co.) get some time to see if we would like to hire them on once they graduate. We are utilizing this program to not only develop our own CNC Machinists, but to also increase exposure for the field. Instead of accepting status quo and succumbing to the constant news that less and less individuals are pursuing skilled trades, we are proactively working to develop the professionals of tomorrow. Manufacturing is not what it once was and we need highly skilled and passionate individuals to join our team and help our business grow. This is an excellent opportunity to change the perception of manufacturing one student at a time.”

Manufacturing is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Youth Apprenticeship Programs.   This will serve an array of businesses and students within the Fox Cities.  “Connect a Career,” a resource from The Competitive Workforce Alliance, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce will serve as a platform for business and students to post/view these invaluable work-based learning opportunities. For more information regarding how you can get involved with “Connect A Career,” contact Patty Milka, Director of Competitive Workforce. pmilka@foxcitieschamber.com or 920-734-7101

For information specific to Youth Apprenticeships, please contact Tania Kilpatrick, Regional Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator at CESA 6.  tkilpatrick@cesa6.org or 920-236-0531

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