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Connect A Career Highlights the Power of Partnership


Pictured from left: Tom Bates,- Appleton North High School, Andy Preissner – A to Z Machine, Jeff Lang – OMNI Resources

This collaborative effort is taking off!  Last week at the Fox Cities Chamber’s BizBlend, a breakfast for news and networking gathering, a group of dedicated and excited professionals helped put in perspective the importance of this web based resource that’s brought to light the need for communication and collaboration between business and educators.

Jeff Lang, Solutions Group Managing Director at OMNI Resources said “this website allows student’s entrance to exciting career options available right here in the valley.  Students at the 8th grade career fair were very surprised by the cool ‘careers behind the $0.99 App’ that our company offers.”

OMNI Resources has been with this project from its inception.  In the fall of 2012, the Competitive Workforce Alliance identified a need to streamline the outreach process for both businesses and schools.   That’s when Patty Milka, Director, Competitive Workforce at the Fox Cities Chamber reached out to Jeff Lang in hopes that they could build the framework for the concept she developed.  Realizing the niche this website could fill and the endless possibilities for collaboration that it held, they came on board and this joint effort took off.  OMNI Resources has been instrumental in building the website that has become Connect A Career.

Tom Bates, an Appleton North High School teacher, has been testing the website this semester with a group of students, “The Connect a Career Website is a huge time saver in the classroom and it puts the needs of the educator in direct touch with the needs of the business.”  This testing process will perfect the website before it goes live for the 2013-2014 school year.

If you are a business or educator  interested in participating, please contact Patty Milka at pmilka@foxcitieschamber.com or 734-7101.


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