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Appleton Attorney Publishes DUI Defender Book for Wisconsin

DUI Defender BookBeing arrested for a DUI can be confusing and scary. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s why local attorney Tim Lennon wrote DUI Defender.

Lennon has represented hundreds of DUI/OWI clients in Wisconsin. He knows Wisconsin’s DUI law, and he put his insider knowledge in this step-by-step guide, plainly written to help every Wisconsin driver get the best legal defense.

This book answers many questions like what to expect, how to defend yourself, when to hire an attorney and what to ask. Readers will also learn about the three-legged stool of DUI law, Wisconsin’s “Double 1st Rule,” when “jail” doesn’t really mean jail, Huber law, fines. license suspensions, and more.

“I’ve defended hundreds of drivers in court, and you wouldn’t believe the misinformation my clients heard before we met. It made me want to help everyone, but I’m only one person. What can just one person do? Well, I could write a book,” said Lennon.

The book explains Wisconsin’s DUI law process, drivers’ rights, sentencing guidelines, and real-life examples so readers can get the best result possible. It also explains when to consult a lawyer, what questions to ask to get the most out of their legal counsel, and how to choose the best lawyer if needed.

DUI Defender is a career’s worth of Wisconsin DUI law knowledge condensed and simplified to give people enough information to defend themselves or to know when to turn to an attorney for help.

“My hope is that it helps people get the best result possible so they can put this incident behind them and move forward with their life,” said Lennon.

To learn more about the DUI Defender book, visit http://duidefenderbook.com/. Free access to their DUI sentence calculator is included with every purchase.


Author Profile

Attorney Tim Lennon has had a diverse career in both national political campaigns and fighting for constitutional protections. He has been quoted in the Boston Globe, the Miami Herald, the Manchester Union Leader, the Burlington Free Press, the Milwaukee Business Journal, and the Appleton Post Crescent, among others. He continues to practice law in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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