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3 Reasons You Should Attend Cultivate on March 20

It’s no secret that running a small business requires you to wear many hats.  One minute you’re the sales force, the next you’re an accountant and you might finish the day doing a little human resources. You put in long hours and have managed to grow it during some tough times.  For that, we say thanks. Every small business that grows in the Fox Cities means new opportunities for success and prosperity.

Still, you can always use a little help and expertise to take that next step forward. We want to make sure you do. That’s why you need to mark March 20 on your calendar. That’s the date our third Cultivate Event will take place, a half-day opportunity for you to gather skills and insights you can use to start growing your business that afternoon.  There are many reasons you should reserve the date and attend Cultivate, but three in particular stand out:

Learning. Cultivate brings in experts in a variety of fields and disciplines to help you better run your business, whether you are a one-person shop or a growing concern with dozens of employees. Past session have included skills from using game theory to anticipate your competitors decisions to creating collaborative and low cost opportunities to market your business to mobile strategies that will attract new customers.

Networking. Cultivate attracts business owners just like you from across the Fox Cities. Your peers have had similar experiences and are often willing to share the solutions they have found, which can in turn help you make your business better. Or, a casual chat just might lead to a new customer or supplier who can help you grow.

Business development. If you are learning and networking, the end result is opportunities to make your business better and grow. That’s what we are all after.

There is a bonus reason you should reserve March 20 for attending Cultivate. The keynote speaker for the event is Rona Gilbert, a strategic and business communications professional who will speak on the Art of Wow, which is based on the book “The New Gold Standard.”

To learn more about Cultivate and how it can improve your business, visit our webpage. For regular updates on the speakers who will be presenting, please, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Written by: Sean Johnson


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Kristin Sewall is the Marketing Director for the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce.

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